24 January 2009

New Year!

Hello! Happy New Year!
Eventually back to blogging after all this time! In November I decided to participate in a Handcraft Tailoring competition, ( Tailoring was one of my specialisation at College) and it took me so much more time than what I expected...! Every seam (or almost) had to be handstitched, even the buttonholes!...It was a bit of a nightmare! I felt like one of these "petites mains" (literally little hands) who sew all day long in the Parisian Couture ateliers... It was a bit of a challenge for me as I had never done it that way...I learnt production Tailoring at College, which means everything is sewn with a sewing machine, and that's a completely different approach to garment construction.  But as I had always been fascinated by the Tailors of Savile Row or the art of Haute Couture, it was a good occasion for me to learn more about it. 
The world stopped for me all that time, but now it is over, I finished it, just have to wait for the results. I'll post pictures of my work as soon as I can. 
Even if I didn't have a minute  for bag making, blogging or anything else really, I still found a few hours for some cute little make-up pochettes that I gave as Christmas presents.
Here are some pictures. I am sorry for the picture quality, my camera is definitely not the best and I didn't manage to capture the colours properly. One of my next investment will have to be a good camera...

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