27 May 2009

Weekend in Italy...

                  From LivingEtc - Gallery - Vintage suitcase

This quick message to say that I'm going away for a looong weekend tomorrow, destination Italy! Yeah! Apparently, it's already very warm there, I'm so happy, being so desperate for a bit of sun!!! An then I will go to a Napolitan wedding: it's gonna be so exciting!
Have a great weekend!

26 May 2009

A nice way to wake up!

          My Liberty Cosmos brooch featured in a treasury!

This morning was definitely a good morning, despite the heavy rain and grey sky...
First, I got featured in an Etsy Treasury  by minnowbye. A treasury is a list of one's favorite items on Etsy, based on a special theme. One can choose any theme, as long as it's inspiring I guess, and anyone can do a treasury. It's also a nice way for shoppers to look for products.
And the Etsy team ( if they like it) might pick the treasury and features it on the Etsy front page, which is a great way to gain exposure!
I'm so happy!
Then, I got an email announcing that someone bought one of my Ambrosia clutch bag overnight: that's such a sweet surprise to wake up to this kind of news!

My green Ambrosia clutch

And finally, here are some pictures of the great afternoon we spent at Kew Gardens in London on Sunday. It was amazing! I didn't expect the park to be so big, and with such a great variety and it was so warm and sunny, mmm... I'll definitely go back...

An afternoon at Kew Gardens

23 May 2009

A little Spring sale!!!

Isn't it strange that each country has different dates for Mother's Day?! I would have thought that it would have been institutionalized, like Labour Day/La Fete du Travail ( although they don't celebrate it over here in the UK!)... But, nope! I guess it's good for mums with multiple nationalities: they get celebrated several days in the year instead of just once! But, except that, I find it quite confusing. Now that I live in the UK, I tend to think about it when it happens here in March and then to skip it when it's the right time in France... My boyfriend is Italian, so we should also be thinking about the right time in Italy which is different again... very confusing all that!!!

Anyway, this time I remembered the French date, and given that it coincides almost with the launching of my little Etsy shop, let's celebrate it!!!
So, I'll be offering 15% off on all Ambrosia clutches and Gigi purses, and 20% off on all the rest, e.g. brooches, earrings, barrettes and necklaces ( I will add them to the shop over the weekend...).
The offer is valid until next Wednesday, the 27th of May, midnight... After that, I'll put prices back to normal as I will be off for a little weekend in Italy!

Isn't it a good way to end May?! :)

16 May 2009

Exciting news: my Etsy shop!

Oh my god, what a week!

I set up my Etsy shop this week, and I didn't expect it to take me so long!  It took me 4 full days just taking pictures  of my products, editing them on Photoshop, then list them on my shop, and this takes quite a while I must say...
I'm quite happy though because it seems that some people liked my accessories so far... I was feeling so nervous...

I wanted to wait  a bit longer to post about it_, until I had more items in my shop, but I could not hold it any longer, naughty me! :)
So, that's the address for my shop: www.bagatellesandco.etsy.com
Go and have a look! I'd love to hear some feedback...:)
I must run now and go back to my photos!

14 May 2009

Just made, just gone


Here are some pictures of small purses I made for a special order. As my deadline was getting closer, I just had time to take these quick pictures. Pfffew!
Luckily, I have enough fabric to make more!

4 May 2009

Freshly made accessories

I've been away in France last week, and it was nice to take a break...I have enjoyed seeing my family and my friends, and had lots of good food, yummy... Now, back to London!
This break has given me back my energy and my weekend has been quite productive! I eventually received my cards from MOO  and I'm going to use them to display my jewelry...
I also tried to adapt my vintage style pochette bag to a purse handbag, and I'm quite happy with the result. I must not have been the only one since I already sold it :))!

Je suis partie en vacances en France la semaine dernière. J’avais bien besoin d’une coupure…C’était bien agréable de passer du temps avec ma famille et mes amis, et j’ai aussi fait le plein de bonne nourriture, miam miam… 
Ces vacances m’ont permis de retrouver de l’énergie; mon week-end a été très productif!      J’ai enfin reçu mes cartes de MOO  et je vais les utiliser pour y accrocher mes bijoux…              
J’ai aussi fait un essai de sac à fermeture métallique partant de mon précédent sac pochette, et je suis plutôt contente du résultat. Je ne dois pas avoir été la seule car je l’ai déjà vendu :))!

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