25 October 2010

Etsy featured seller!!!

Heee yes it's bagatelles&co's turn to be the featured seller on Etsy today!
Thank you Etsy!

I was quite thrilled when I received the news from etsy admin this summer. So exciting to be part of this great feature! I read each interview and have always been inspired and motivated by previous artists featured. It is an honour!
The hardest thing was to keep quiet all this time! Pheww...

21 October 2010

New collection!

Et voila! The new collection is now ready. I already listed some of my new designs in my etsy shop, but there's more to come over the next few days....
For this season, I'm introducing new sizes:

  • the Kitty mini coin purse, the tiniest of all.
  • the Fifi medium clutch, a smaller alternative to the Lili, coming with pleats or simple.
  • the Lizzy clutch bag, a roundish bag, inspired by the twenties, with an additional chain strap.

Kitty mini purse

Fifi clutch

 Fifi clutch

Lizzy clutch bag

Photos credits:
Photographer: Emma Innocenti
Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist: Stephanie Stokkvik
Model: Zoe
Styling: me

19 October 2010

Back to blogging!

Oh la la, it's already been three months since I last posted in this blog.
I got litterally overwhelmed by the growing amount of projects and as my shop was also getting busier, I completely lost track of this little blog. As the time passed, I found it more and more difficult to come back to it...
But I was missing it, and now that I managed to improve my organization and sort out a few work things, I'm back to it, and this time I hope more seriously!

So since July, lots of wonderful things have happened:
I became an aunt for the first time (yay!), have been designing and cutting a range of outfits for a new doll clothing company (will be posting some images as soon as their website is completed), my little shop was featured in a number of lovely blogs (thank you so much to all the blog owners who liked my work), as well as in Daily Candy (re-yay!) and have been working on a new collection and organized another photo shoot...
While when starting this company, I knew it would require a lot of work, I must admit I wasn't prepared for so much work! This past year, I became not only designer, but also seamstress, product photographer, marketer, pr, accountant, merchandiser, sales manager,  and so on!!! It has been really great to learn more about all these fields and feel very grateful, even though I find it difficult at times to juggle them all...
I realized I needed to organize much more my work as well as my work space, and try to do one thing at a time in order not to stress out too much!

And now, here is a sneak peek preview of behind the scenes of our shoot last week:

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