15 July 2010

Stella McCartney resort collection

Stella Mc Cartney Resort 2011 via Nancy Z (images from Style.com)

I love the contrast of the big bold retro flowers and the ultra neat and sharp cut. It makes for a very strong statement! I wouldn't say no to a few of them!

14 July 2010

Happy Fete de la Bastille!

Today is Bastille Day, and it's bank holiday in France. I remember when I was living in Paris that every fireman station was holding a great party on Bastille Day eve and these parties were somewhat the talk of many many young (single) Parisienne! I never attended one myself, but I did go to a "Bal populaire" on the Place de la Bastille (where the famous jail used to be). There would be accordionists and other musicians dressed like in the 30s playing typical Bal musette songs, and people would dance and dance around all night... Many people would go dressed in retro attires or even wear the little cocardes (little paper/fabric flowers with blue/white and red stripes). And of course, all this would be followed by beautiful fireworks on Bastille Day!

I came across this amazing work on Design Therapy. The artist exploded and contained live fireworks on paper, resulting in burtst of saturated color overlapping into abstract compositions.
Check out Design Therapy for images of artist Rosemarie Fiore in action and a video where she explains her process.
I could really see this as stunning prints on silk!!!

13 July 2010

Happy Happy!

My friend's wedding was a great success! And I finished the dress on time, yeah! I was a bit stressed that it wouldn't fit perfectly as my friend is pregnant and we couldn't know for sure what would be her exact measurements... But as it happened, our guess and calculations proved right, and the dress fitted perfectly! The bustier part is in fact a "corset" type of bustier, with boning and interfacing to shape it and support the chest. The outer fabric is a beautiful handpainted tulle; I used meters and meters of it!

Sneak peek of the work in progress in my studio.... This is the slip with petticoat, realised with tons of cream and white tulle. It was quite a thing to cut it all and sew it together on my small sewing machine!

I'm back in London now and working on several new projects, including some new bag designs for this autumn...

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