25 April 2010

Behind the scenes interview with Carli-Art photography...

After the photoshoot, I took some time to speak with Carli, the talented photographer behind my new photos. Carli shares what it takes to be a successful photographer, what she liked about the shoot and tells us about her addiction to handbags...

Carli, you trained as a fashion Designer. What made you change to photography?
I studied fashion and garment construction as an ND and loved it however following a year out after college I decided I wanted to explore something different in terms of experimenting visually, so got stuck in and completed a BA Hons Photography Degree.  I always liked photography but I am not one of those photographers ‘who picked up a camera at 2 and here I am’ kind of thing!

What do you feel is the most challenging in photography?
Distinguishing yourself from others.  The industry has changed a lot and there are a lot of people out there calling themselves photographers nowadays with little training or experience and an idea it’s a quick way to make money.  Personally I believe not only do you have to be technically efficient but also you have to have an eye for it, a talent and an artistic bone running through you.  Creativity is key.

When did you first pick up a camera?
Goodness I can’t remember, those cool plastic kid ones weren't about when I was little! 

What is your favourite camera and/or lense?
I haven't used enough of a range to say plus it changes depending on what I am doing.  I like to use the Canon 5d Mark2 and I love a 28-300mm lens.  I have however just got a Holga which is a toy Medium Format camera and that is great, so different and fun, it makes you shoot with more freedom!

Where do you find inspiration?
All over the place really but I read a lot, both theoretical books (mainly on identity, fashion, advertising and gender!) and also I spend a disgusting amount on fashion and art magazines!!

How would you describe your photographic style?
Ooo that’s a good one.  I like to ask questions with my photography so hopefully the images do that, as well as answering the clients’ needs!  I don’t do ‘polished’ imagery, it tends to be softer if that means anything.

What attracted you in this project with bagatelles&co?
I love fashion for a start so that got me straight away and I am just keen to keep involved with people in that industry, be it designers, stylists, make up artists or models.  I also have a weakness for bags and these are rather lovely!

The photoshoot was great fun, what was the best part of the day for you?
Yes it was, everyone was lovely.  The best part of the day is usually just after the first 30 mins of shooting.  Its hard at the start as everyone is excited & it takes a while for things to come together, you start shooting and it doesn’t just work...you need that first 30 mins or so then bam, you have it. The fire has come alive and the creativity flows!

What are your plans for the future?
To continue to freelance, both in Fashion and events and advertising, I really enjoy learning about other people and their business’s and then illustrating those values in imagery.  I would like to end up with my own studio / gallery space and run workshops for the community and introduce them to different skills, photography and business wise.  I would really like to do something with the local community and young people, there just isn’t enough out there at the moment for those aged between about 11 and 19 years.

Anything else you would like to add about Carli-Art?
There are always tea and cake on offer if you come see me, I have a massive sweet tooth!! If you want to check out news then you can visit my blog and I also have a newsletter.

p.s: and if you want to read more, here is her interview with me...! 

23 April 2010

Photoshoot serie 7 & 8

Photography: Carli-Art
Model: Lula

Hair & Make-Up: Justina 
Nail Artist: Jo Webb
Photo Assistant: Maria Monfort-Plana
Styling: me!

*Photos serie 7:  
  Silk bow blouse by Nadinoo
  Cardigan by Sandro 
  Denim shorts: model's own
  Sandals by Chie Mihara
  Red shoes: model's own

*Photos serie 8:
  Black silk top with frills  by Sandro
  Lace and cotton top by Maje
  Black little boots: Office
  Lace leggings: model's own

Photoshoot serie 5 & 6

Photography: Carli-Art
Model: Lula
Hair & Make-Up: Justina
Nail Artist: Jo Webb
Photo Assistant: Maria Monfort-Plana
Styling: me!

*Photos serie 5: Yellow bow dress by Nadinoo
Silk and lace top by Sandro

*Photos serie 6:
Navy dress with bow by Nadinoo
Liberty coat by Les Petites
Wool and silk tailored jacket by me
Shoes by Chie Mihara

22 April 2010

Photoshoot serie 3 & 4

Photography: Carli-Art
Model: Lula
Hair & Make-Up: Justina 
Nail Artist: Jo Webb
Photo Assistant: Maria Monfort-Plana
Styling: me!

*Photos serie 3:  Silk satin dress and cardigan:  Sandro 
  Silk top: Stella Mc Cartney for H&M
  Jeans: model's own
  Shoes: Kurt Geiger

*Photos serie 4:
  Wool handcrafted bespoke suit: Lula and me 

  ( our tailoring project from last year)

19 April 2010

Photoshoot serie 1 & 2

Photography: Carli-Art
Model: Lula
Hair & Make-Up: Justina
Nail Artist: Jo Webb
Photo Assistant: Maria Monfort-Plana
Styling: me!

*Photos serie 1:  Liberty skirt (also worn as top) by Nadinoo
  Lace and cotton top by Maje
  Shoes by Chie Mihara

*Photos serie 2:
  Lace dress by Leluu
  Liberty coat by Les Petites
  Jeans: model's own
  Shoes by Chie Mihara and Kurt Geiger

15 April 2010

New collection!

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me introduce you the Mimi handbag!!!
After receiving several requests and trying out some samples, my collection of "bigger" Gigi bags is finally ready! I kept the puffy shape and the pleats structure, while considerably increasing the size. It is now as big as the previous Magnolia bag with an inner pocket: you could fit in all your essential for an evening, and even for the day if you are of the minimalist type... I also wanted to play a bit with combining different texures/colours in some of them.
The chain strap is 1m long but could be cut any othe length if required.

I will be adding them in my etsy shop in the next few days...

11 April 2010

Pretty things: birds & blooms

The past few days have been so lovely here in London that I spent the day at the park, looking at the gorgeous blooming flowers and listening to the birds... inspiring me to play around on polyvore once back home...
For details about my selection, click here.
Happy spring!!!

8 April 2010

New Logo!

Hey hey, I am proud to introduce a new logo for bagatelles & co...
A very talented friend came up with this beautiful design that I think embodies bagatelles & co spirit: vintage inspiration mixed with contemporary design, feminity, daydream...
What do you think about it? I'd love to have your feedback!

Behind the scenes

I should have the photos from the photoshoot ready very soon, but in the mean time, here is a little sneek peek behind the scenes...

7 April 2010

Another Giveaway...

My second giveaway is kindly hosted by Nicole of Lillyella. This time, you can win the Yummy Strawberry Gigi purse for a value of $42. Just perfect for Spring!
Please do head over to Lillyella's to enter the competition... The giveawy runs until Sunday, April 11 at 10 pm (est).
Et voila, good luck!

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