24 July 2009

A perfect day in a beautiful castle!

My mum and my little sister came to visit me last week, so I took some time off to be more with them...
I took them around London, lots of walk in parks, a bit of window shopping, tea time with lovely cupcakes at The Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill.
And we also took a day off to Leeds Castle, in Kent. It is so beautiful! A perfect scenery!
When we arrived in the park, we were greeted by an amazing view of green green gardens, little rivers undulating here and there, gorgeous flowers, and a splendid white peacock! I had never seen one before, WAW!!!!  Some say it is a symbol of good luck, let's hope so!

14 July 2009

My Etsy favourites of the week


I was talking about treasuries last time and I actually enjoy the process! I've decided to follow the principle of selecting products from different Etsy seller following a theme, colour or mood...
So from now on, I will post my Etsy favourites of the week every Tuesday... 
For this week, I was rather on a colourful mood, enjoy these summery finds!

7 July 2009

A dash of yellow

1, 3, 4, 6 & 7 from Bloom by Ron Van Dongen
2 & 5 from saipua

I have just updated my shop with new colours and fabrics. I found some lovely cream, ivory and yellow textiles that I had been looking for a long time. Perfect subtle tones for spring/summer, for a sunny garden party or a romantic wedding...
As I was searching the web for beautiful flowers, I came across saipua, beautiful blog by Sarah and Eric, based in Brooklyn. SAIPUA is specialised in handmade olive oil soap and custom flower arrangements. Their photos are so beautiful!

1 July 2009

A lucky day!

My lucky day treasury and my Gigi purse

Another treasury where bagatelles & co was featured...

I was a bit worried to go away for such a long time when my shop was so new, but it was actually fine... While I was away, my little Liberty flowers Gigi purse was featured in a treasury and it managed to get to Etsy first page, yeah!!!
I got ton of views on that day, and quite a few sales! All that when I wasn't there to enjoy!
Luckily, monatelier kindly sent me a snapshot of the treasury...
That was really a nice surprise when I got back home:)

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