24 February 2010

Back in Shape!

Oh my...!  I got a really mean cold that forced me to stay in bed with fever, which means I've been literally unable to do anything!!! So frustrating!
I'm starting to feel better now and hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be sewing again as ever!

But talking about shape, I've been experimentating with shapes lately and I came up with a new bag idea.
I got many requests for a bigger Gigi, more like a bag instead of a coin purse, and while I couldn't find the same frames in bigger, I thought I would give it a try with some frames already in my stock.
So, the idea is to replace the Magnolia bag by a big Gigi (ok, I still have to find a name!). I personally love it but I'd really love to hear your feedback for the new shape please!  It'd be great to know if you like it and if you'd be happy to see it developed in more fabric/colour combinations...

Magnolia bag vs New "big Gigi" bag

16 February 2010

Alexander McQueen

The news of Alexander McQueen's death came as a shock.
He was one of my favourite Designer, and after working in his sudio for several months, I was inspired to pursue my studies in Tailoring. While interning there, I was working on both Textile development and Pattern Cutting/Sewing. It was such an intense experience! It was a lot of hard work but very creative at the same time.
He had a huge library full of beautiful and inspiring books and a big table in the centre where we could work on new embroidery designs.
Every season, I used to wait with impatience for his shows. They were always so full of emotions, going far beyond fashion...

9 February 2010

Re-mix vintage

I've always loved Fashion from the past decades, especially from the 20's and 30's. So I was particularly to stumble upon these great shoes from Remix vintage... I can imagine them paired with a pretty vintage tea dress but could also look fab with jeans and a cute little top... mmm, they're on my "to buy" list now!

3 February 2010

Anna Karina

I watched Pierrot le fou yesterday night and it was again such a pleasure (despite the sad sad end). I particularly love the scene when Anna Karina starts singing about her fate line, but the only things that interests Jean-Paul Belmondo is her hips line... Typical!!!

2 February 2010

Elisa Mazzone

To stay in tune with my fairy tale mood, these cute Snow White by Australian artist Elisa Mazzone
So sweet!

Beautiful giveaway at DustJacket Attic

I just had to share this beautiful giveaway over at dustjacket attic. The winner will get to choose a print from Sandra Suy from her etsy store.
I love them all! I really don't know how I would make my choice...
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