15 April 2009


                        Flower buds earrings for spring!

Et voila, some more pictures of my accessories made from brass buttons and recycled fabrics. Most are silk and 100% cotton... Ear studs and scrolls are plated silver.

13 April 2009

Easter in the English countryside

Happy Easter!
Yesterday, we decided to bet on a good weather and spend the day in the countryside. Of course, the weather forecast was wrong an it did rain in the afternoon, but it was more of a drizzle and the grass just seemed even greener... It also added a melancholic and romantic aspect to the scenery.
It was a very good day indeed... A nice walk through the fields, a visit to a beautiful medieval castle, Bodiam Castle , flowers, green green grass, and even some cute ( and others less cute) animals! And all that just over an hour train from London! Mmmm, I love England...

2 April 2009

Candies in the hair

  playing around with buttons: they look like sweets! yummy...

As I had a fair stock of cover buttons, bought a long time ago and kept in a box, hoping to use them one day, I thought why not covering them with my pretty textiles?... So covering buttons I did and as I was playing around with them, I decided to try making hair slides with them, and here is the result. Because I like clean finishings, I covered the bottom part of the button as well, with printed cotton. It is much prettier than metal I think!
I tested it on my hair a few days, and so far it is sturdy enough and works properly...I'm quite pleased with the result :)... They look like little candies, yum yum!

Comme j’avais un bon stock de boutons à recouvrir que je gardais précieusement dans une boîte, pensant bien qu’ils me seraient utiles un jour, je me suis dit que je pourrais bien les couvrir avec ma collection de jolis tissus… Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait ! Et du coup, j’en ai aussi fait des barrettes, et voici le résultat. 
Bon, comme j’aime bien les finitions bien faites, j’en ai aussi  recouvert le dessous avec un coton imprimé. Comme ça, quand on regarde la barrette du dessous, on voit des fleurs et non le métal du bouton : bien plus joli, non ?!
J’ai essayé la barrette dans mes cheveux et l’ai porté quelques jours, et je dois dire que tout marche bien, sans problème et elle est solide ! Je suis assez contente du résultat, je dois bien avouer :)... ça me fait penser à des gourmandises, miam miam !
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