26 May 2009

A nice way to wake up!

          My Liberty Cosmos brooch featured in a treasury!

This morning was definitely a good morning, despite the heavy rain and grey sky...
First, I got featured in an Etsy Treasury  by minnowbye. A treasury is a list of one's favorite items on Etsy, based on a special theme. One can choose any theme, as long as it's inspiring I guess, and anyone can do a treasury. It's also a nice way for shoppers to look for products.
And the Etsy team ( if they like it) might pick the treasury and features it on the Etsy front page, which is a great way to gain exposure!
I'm so happy!
Then, I got an email announcing that someone bought one of my Ambrosia clutch bag overnight: that's such a sweet surprise to wake up to this kind of news!

My green Ambrosia clutch

And finally, here are some pictures of the great afternoon we spent at Kew Gardens in London on Sunday. It was amazing! I didn't expect the park to be so big, and with such a great variety and it was so warm and sunny, mmm... I'll definitely go back...

An afternoon at Kew Gardens

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! This treasury thing seems to be a great idea.

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