16 October 2009

Back to Blogging!

I'm back to blogging, after a little writing break...
Since this summer, a lot of things have happened: I moved house, I went to my first professional trade show in Paris, I'm now selling my items in a new lovely online boutique, and one of my bags has been featured on a great blog! But more on that later...
Firstly, I finally changed my blog colours!!! I much prefer it now. I don't know why, I have been obsessed with a black background for a long time and was definitely against using a white one, eventhough I had never tried!  I think I had the black background syndrom!!! Black evoked for me a chic and sleek atmosphere, like most Luxury Designers have on their site...
Ashley, from A.N. Original Jewelry perfectly summed up the syndrom in her post:
The Evolution of Branding & The Psychology of Color. This is exactly how I was feeling!
So now, goodbye to black!
What do you think about this change? I'd love to know your opinion.

To come back to my new house, it was really time to move in a new place. The previous was getting more packed every day with all my supplies, here's a photo to testify!
I'll post a photo of my new workspace once it's entirely ready ( still a few things to set up here and there...).

                                      hum hum, no comment on that please!!!:)

So now we're living South East London, in a lovely area full of huge green spaces and yummy little boutiques and restaurant, like the oh so nice Le Chandelier. After the moving, we treated ourselves of a lovely cream tea, with freshly baked scones and home made strawberry jam miam miam...

mmm mmm yummy scones at Le Chandelier

Lovely place ( photos from their website)

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