13 November 2010

Almost 500!!!

Hurray! bagatelles&co’s etsy shop is approaching its 500th sale!!! Yay!
Thank you all for your trust and support in bagatelles&co!!!

We want to celebrate with you by offering our 500th sale for free!

How does it work?

The lucky buyer who gets our 500th sale at www.bagatellesandco.etsy.com will get 100% refund for their purchase:

* Valid for the 500th sold item only (not for the whole order if you buy more than 1 item)

*Refund will exclude shipping cost

*Refund will be issued to you via paypal within 24 hours from your purchase

*To benefit from this offer, the transaction must be completed with payment due right away (this is the only way to make sure you are the 500th)


Rando said...

Wow! Congrats on your 500th sale!!! And congrats to the person that got the 500th item!! :D Awesome promo! Too bad for me, though - I was just a moment too late when I checked back in the shop - the "Sold" number had reached 500 in such a short amount of time! hehe CONGRATS again! :D And I really hope you keep doin what you're doin and lovin it as much as your fans do! <3

Mademoiselle Bagatelle said...

Thank you!!!
he he yes it got quite busy that day!
But there will be more occasions in the future:)
I hope that too:) and thank you again for your lovely message! This is what makes working on bagatelles&co so enjoyable!

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