17 March 2011

Some lovely photos and almost spring!

(and this is one of my new labels!)

It's always nice to get to see some pictures of one of my creations worn by someone, so I was thrilled when lovely Amelia sent me a link to her blog with pictures of her custom clutch. I love how she coordinated it with her outfit, and what a gorgeous scarf! Feels like spring is already here...
For more photos, click here.


C'est toujours un plaisir de pouvoir voir quelques photos de l'une de mes créations portées par quelqu'un. J'ai donc été ravie quand Amelia m'a envoyé un lien vers son blog avec des photos de sa petite pochette personnalisée.J'aime la façon dont elle l'a coordonné avec sa tenue, et quelle belle écharpe! On dirait que le printemps est déjà  ...

Pour plus de photos, cliquez ici.


Jewellery Bijou said...

Bonjour mademoiselle!I remember that some time ago I discovered your shop and I felt in love with your creations,you make really lovely things!I am happy I discovered your blog as well,I am going to follow for sure!I have started my blog as well,when I show the jewellery I make,I will be delighted if you could visit me:


have a nice day

Jewellery Bijou said...

Maybe we could exchange the links?let me know thanks Dorota

Mademoiselle Bagatelle said...

Bonjour Dorota!
Thank you very much for your lovely message and welcome to my little blog!
Love your jewellery, keep up the good work:)

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