13 November 2009

Black and White: sweet or mysterious?

I don't know if it is because it is Friday the 13th today but I felt inspired by black and white. I am usually naturally drawn by colour as perhaps the combination of black and white evokes seriousness, mystery, cold thrillers from the 50's or even creepiness for me. However I found some really pretty fabrics in those two shades and as I was finishing making them into purses I thought I'd search Etsy for some nice black and white finds. And for my great delight I found some really cute items and some other rather mysterious... I am definitely reconciled with Black'n'White!
What about you, what does this colour combination evokes you?

11. Olive


Made'moiselle said...

oulala! je viens de remarquer tout ce que j'ai loupé ici depuis quelques temps!!!
Et du coup de ton côté, quelques créations en noir et blanc à nous montrer sous peu??

Miss Black

Mademoiselle Bagatelle said...

et oui ma chere Made'moiselle!

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