1 November 2009

Vibrant tones for a colourful November!

I have always found November to be a particularly sad month. It is when the Cold really starts to kick in and when we are still not use to be dark at 4pm... So here is a warm selection to cheer you up this November!

1. Magnets by rafya
2. Hat by yokoo
3. Vintage sailboats by SweetLoveVintage
4. Acrylic cowl by  SoftSpoken 
5. Felted soap by persnicketypelican
6. Vintage rhinestone eyeglasses by Vintage50sEyewear
7. Vintage Olivetti typewriter by MODERA
8. Double dipper by redhotpottery
9. Vintage game paper pack by foundpaperco
10. Wobbly plates by atelierBB
11. Felt hair pin brooch by siiri
12. Watercolor painting by lauratrevey

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