18 November 2009

Work in progress!

The past days, I've been cutting fabric, ironing, sewing, sewing, sewing and ironing again... I have some new fabrics coming up, hopefully by Monday or Tuesday.
I start feeling stressed about the Winter fair: only two weeks and half left! And still haven't prepared anything for the display... I've been busy making new care labels and business cards (was running out of the previous bunch) and ordering some packaging material. I should receive everything by the end of next week, so I hope to be able to spend some time scouting antique markets for trays/boxes and fabric to lay on my stand.
I've seen this adorable vintage apple tray on etsy, but it would ship from Canada and unfortunately Canadian post office has prohibitive fares to Europe. It would have been perfect to display my earrings and brooches.


Made'moiselle said...

Ma chère, tu vas être bonne pour un stagiaire!!!
bah oui, chacun son tour...hey hey
(sewing, was is das?)

Mademoiselle Bagatelle said...

Ha ha! Oui un stagiaire serait effectivement une aide precieuse!!!
sewing=coudre , "to sew"
c'est vrai qu'on avait jamais appris les termes techniques a Duperre...!

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